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Unless otherwise noted, all art exhibitions and events listed below will take place at the Cornelia Arts Building, 1800 West Cornelia Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60657, USA. The Cornelia Arts Building is located on the northwest corner of Cornelia and Ravenswood Avenues, two blocks south of Addison Street and two blocks east of Damen Avenue. Call Friends of the Arts at (773) 935-1854

FOTA Celebrates It's 16th Year on Saturday, January 24!

Champagne will flow and artists will toast at our annual Friends Of The Arts Members' Show, Saturday, January 24, 2004, 4 to 8 PM. We'll pay tribute to our fellow members at our members' group art show. Another highlight for the evening will be our annual FOTA awards where we'l recognize persons in the Chicago area who have contributed greatly to the art community of northern Illinois.

2002 Recipients honored on January 18th, 2003 were:
 Marianne Leppanen - Founder of Gallery E.G.G. and art educator
Peter Jones - Director Peter Jone Gallery and curator of art benefits
Aldo Castillo - Gallery Owner and curator of art benefits
Angela Allyn - Director of Evanston Arts Council
Keith Kaminski - Coordinator of C.A.C. digital events and curator
Natalie van Straaten - Publisher and Editor of the Chicago Gallery News

Click here to view a list of past recipients.

Inner City Light

1.) Mission Statement

Inner City Light is a non profit, grass roots program of FriendsOf The Arts. We work with students from various public housing in Chicago,such as the Cabrini Green, Jane Addams, and ABLA homes. We providedisposable cameras to students between the 5th and 7th grades, enablingthem to explore and reflect their environment. We also facilitate publicshowings of their work in both print and digital formats. Rather thanassume we know what is in the best interest of these communities, ourdesire is to be of service and provide resources.

2.) The Problem Issue
In Chicago many children and families of the public housingcommunities, including the Cabrini Green, Abla, and the Robert Taylorhomes, are being affected by a city based initiative. Many of the buildingsin these communities are being demolished and the residents are beingrelocated. Additionally, and especially in the case of the Cabrini Greenand Jane Addams communities, the encroachment of new construction andchanging demographics has led to tension and misperception between thediffering ethnic communities. This leads to a genuinely complex situationand although many residents of the affected housing communities feelpositive about the changes, many do not.
Regardless, it is easy to see that the immediate effect of theseevents on the children involved can be quite difficult. Stereotyping isalready problematic in our diverse society. But compounded with thedisruption of community, complacency, and the increasingly apparentjuxtaposition of wealth and poverty along the lines of color, subtle formsof racism, anger, and conflict increase. We at Inner City Light feelstrongly about the societal relevance of bridging the color gap through themindful promotion of mutual understanding.

3.) Brief History

This idea for this project came nearly two years ago when I wasdocumenting the demolition of of the Robert Taylor buildings. Since I hadno access to the interior of the buildings and did not know any members ofthat community I began to feel that I was ignoring a vital human aspect ofthese historic events.
A friend suggested that I give disposable cameras to children inthe community. The idea seemed solid and took off with a chance meetingof an art teacher from Jefferson School, part of the Jane Addams community.She introduced me to another art teacher at Jenner Academy of the Arts,part of the Cabrini Green community.
I began funding the project out of my own pocket and asked theteachers at both schools to select 5 or 6 students to participate. I askedthe students to think of someone like me when making the photos - anoutsider that had never lived those homes and had no idea what it was like.The results from this initial attempt were quite positive and we began amore focused effort, partnering with a non profit, and providing 35 camerasto over 20 students at two schools and one church.

Visit the Inner City Light Web Site:

On Going Postcard Show

"Wish You Were Here" Postcard Show Tops 10,000 Cards & Counting

The postcard show, “Wish You Were Here,” now in it’s fourth year at Dix Art Mix, features original work as well as various images in postcard format. Postcards are featured in the following seven categories: one of a kind, figurative, artists and their shows, antique and extra ordinary, picture and story, cards by kids and greetings from across the globe.

Both originals and signed postcards, suitable for framing are priced from $0.10 to $10.00 are available for sale.

Artists and everyone else are encouraged to view or contribute to this show. There is no fee. Send us a postcard or drop on in for supplies and a free postcard stamp! We’ll include any size or sort in the exhibit. If you would like your card back, be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. If you want to sell your card and make some money we can arrange that too. Send all cards to DIX Art Mix at 1833 N. Leavitt, Chicago, IL 60647.

For more information on the postcard show and Dix call 773.384.5142 or email Thom Frerk at Dix is located at 1833 N. Leavitt in Chicago. Gallery hours are Wednesdays and Saturdays 5-9 pm and Sundays 1-4pm. Dix is a not for profit gallery promoting emerging art and artists.

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